Our most searched for tapioca noodle soup is now VEGETARIAN in this Bánh Canh Chay! It’s simmered long and slow using a homemade vegetable stock for a wonderfully fragrant broth.

For a chicken version, try our Bánh Canh con gà or a seafood variation in this Bánh Canh Cua!


A light broth that soothes the soul

When it comes lớn staple Vietnamese noodle soups, there are two things that are a MUST – (1) a clear, sweet broth with a crisp flavor and (2) a perfectly seasoned soup full of savoriness.

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If you try Mum’s Bánh Canh Chay, you’ll get all of that and more. We don’t simmer vegetables for hours for no reason. The idea of a bland, tasteless soup will be completely knocked out when you try the first spoonful filled with deep vegetable flavor.

You’ll not only have the pleasure of enjoying a light and nutritious soup, the tapioca noodles will soak up every drop of seasoning as you slurp them right up!

And if I haven’t convinced you yet, just remember one thing: It’s all in the broth.

Whether you’re feeling the heat waves of Summer or cozying up khổng lồ a cold Winter, this Bánh Canh Chay is the perfect dish khổng lồ suit every occasion!


Why this recipe works

Slowcooking the vegetables means the broth will be naturally sweet without the need for sugar.Stir frying mushrooms gives the broth an extra flavor boost.Adding coconut water keeps the soup light and fresh.

What you’ll need

The Broth

About the vegetables

The types and amount of vegetables we use is lớn achieve a naturally sweet broth. If you prefer other vegetables or would lượt thích to use fruit (E.G. Apples or pears), they will also work well.

We also buy pre-prepared lion’s mane mushrooms from our local vegetarian shop, but if that’s unavailable then shiitake mushrooms are just as tasty.

The Toppings

About the toppings

You can find assorted mushrooms in Asian supermarkets sold separately or in pre-assorted packets. Our selection includes fresh king oyster, shiitake, enoki and oyster mushrooms but if you prefer other types, they can be used instead.

Vegetarian say mê can be found in Asian specialty vegetarian stores in the freezer section. If it is unavailable, you can simply skip this ingredient.

The Garnish

About the herbs

We buy coriander from Asian supermarkets in the fresh produce section. They are often sold in bundles.

The Noodles

About the noodles

We use precooked tapioca noodles delivered fresh khổng lồ our local grocery store, but you can find uncooked versions as well. They will not be transparent like the cooked ones. Instead, they’ll be trắng with a powder on them.

How lớn make this recipe


Wash the vegetables in cold water until they are free of dirt. For the cabbage, soak them in lightly salted water và rinse 2-3 times.


Bring the pot of water lớn a boil and địa chỉ cửa hàng the stock vegetables in along with the rehydrated mushrooms. Let the water come back khổng lồ a boil, then turn the heat to lớn low khổng lồ simmer for 3 hours or until the vegetables are soft.


When the vegetables are soft, scoop them out using a sieve và pour in the coconut water.

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Cut the toppings into smaller pieces khổng lồ a form size of your preference.


Add the salt, vegetable stock powder, vegetarian fish sauce and fried tofu in lớn season the soup.


Heat up a saucepan with oil và stir fry the fresh mushrooms with the vegetable stock powder.


Pour the cooked mushrooms into the broth pot.


Bring a large pot of water lớn a boil & cook the tapioca noodles for 5 minutes or until just loosened from a clump.

Note: These noodles are already cooked, so putting them in hot water just helps to separate each strand. Use a spatula khổng lồ gently ease them apart.

To serve Bánh Canh Chay, put the tapioca noodles in a bowl along with the toppings & heated soup. Garnish with chopped coriander, chili và a squeeze of lemon juice!


Can I make banh canh chay in an instant pot?

You definitely can! The broth can be made in an instant pot & cooked for 40 minutes.

How long will the soup keep for?

This recipe will last in the fridge for up khổng lồ 4 days. Make sure khổng lồ keep the opening sealed khổng lồ prevent it from spoiling. Simply reheat over the stove by pouring some into a smaller pot or putting the soup in a microwave.

What bởi I do with the leftover vegetables?

They can be eaten with rice and sauce or added khổng lồ congee for a clean meal.

Tips for the best results

Cook the mushrooms in the broth. This will make it much sweeter with a richer base flavor.Simmer using a low to medium heat. As with any stock, boiling over a high heat for long periods of time will turn the liquid murky.Use dehydrated mushrooms for the stock and fresh ones for the toppings. Rehydrated mushrooms have a much stronger taste which works well for a soup base.

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