Vietnamese Banh mi is a delicious sandwich that has a very unique ingredient in it called pate. Pate is often hard khổng lồ find at western grocery stores, so I"m going to tóm tắt with you the brand of pate I use to make Vietnamese Banh Mi.

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If you have ever wondered how you can recreate your favorite Vietnamese sandwich at home, but couldn"t identify the brown spread in that baguette, I"m here khổng lồ help you out.

This post is all about what brand of pate to use on Vietnamese Banh Mi, where aisle you can find it at your local Asian grocer, as well as a little information about the pate itself.

While you can always make your own pate at home, sometimes, you just need a shortcut. I"m here khổng lồ help you identify the best brand of pate that I use for my own sandwiches that I make at trang chủ for my family.


All About Vietnamese Banh mi Pâté

Vietnamese Banh ngươi sandwiches often use chicken or duck liver pâté. With the other strong flavors inside of Vietnamese Banh Mi, lượt thích that of the pickled carrots và daikon radishes, the silky, dusky, và earthy taste adds additional texture and additional layers of flavors lớn an already delicious dish. While liver is the main ingredient in pâté, spices và herbs are used lớn bring out the richness and sweetness of the liver.

The pate is used generally as a condiment to moisten the sandwich.


What is the best store bought pate for Vietnamese Banh Mi?

A popular pate brand used frequently in Vietnamese Banh mày is the Flower Brand, a cured pork liver pâté. This brand of canned pâté can generally be found in Asian grocers next to the canned meats, like SPAM. It can be identified by the red, white, và blue stripes. It"s a sản phẩm of Canada và has a weight of 2.65 ounces.


What aisle in the grocery store can you find pate to lớn use in Vietnamese Banh mi?

Pates are generally hard to find at local western grocers. Asian grocers generally have pate stocked near other canned meats like SPAM.

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Can you make Banh mi pate at home?

Homemade pate can be made blending chicken liver, ground pork, bread crumbs, sugar, salt, và garlic into a puree and then baking it in the oven.

What are the main ingredients in an authentic Vietnamese Banh mi sandwich?

There are a multitude of variations for banh ngươi sandwiches. My favorite layers include a marinated pork tenderloin, pickled carrot và daikon radishes, sliced jalapeños, cilantro, cucumber, và sliced thân phụ lua (Vietnamese steamed pork roll).

What does Vietnamese Banh mi pate taste like?

Vietnamese Banh ngươi pate used in most restaurants will have a dark brown, spreadable pate that has a mild flavor.

What is pate?

Pate is a fine ground blend of organ meat with herbs và seasonings. While not all pates are made from liver, it can be made with a variety of meats, vegetables, và even cheeses. Some pates can include milk, egg, and bread which allows the ingredients & form a mold. As part of the charcuterie, it is generally classified with other pates, terrines, & rillettes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there pate in Banh mày Vietnamese?

Authentic Vietnamese Banh mi uses a small spread of pate on one side of the baguette before layering in the other ingredients.

What is Vietnamese banh mày made from?

Pate that is used in classic Banh mày will often be made from chicken, duck, or liver.

Summary on Where to Find Vietnamese Pate for Banh ngươi Sandwiches

Authentic Vietnamese Banh mi should include a layer of pate spread on one side of the baguette & mayonnaise on the other. Pate provides another màn chơi of complexity to an already porky-pickled-spicy deliciousness of a traditional Banh mi sandwich. Without good pate, making Vietnamese Banh mi might fail expectations.

Check out my recipe for pickled carrots and daikon for banh ngươi sandwiches as well.

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