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This is the one I am looking for khổng lồ make “Millet cake”- Banh da ke with this. Very happy to lớn find it on Weee. Will try 2 other kind also
Cracker is very fresh with expiration date till 2023. Lots of sesame. 5 minutes in the oven at 350 & you have a great snack. I love lớn eat it with shredded coconuts
Microwaved the sesame cracker for 35sec then flipped the cracker lớn the other side và microwave again for 35sec. Good quality. Crunchy. Fast snack for the kids.

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White Sesame Cracker (Banh Trang Me Trang) 12 oz

Bánh Tráng Mè white is a white sesame cracker made of roasted rice paper, usually served with salads or added crumbled into some special Vietnamese dishes. All you need to bởi is either roast or microwave these crackers and you have a crispy component for the base of your dish or as a garnish.

First World Brand.

Size: 22cm.

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12 oz./340g.

Product of Vietnam.


Vietnamese rice cracker with white sesame seeds used forHến xúc bánh đaor stir-fried baby clams served with sesame rice crackers.

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