01 / Vision & MissionVision: Make the World Smile for Peace Mission: Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness

Our ambition at Pizza 4P's is not lớn simply be “A Great Pizza Restaurant”.We have a bigger vision – Make the World Smile for Peace.

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Our Mission that we stand by và work on daily in order lớn achieve this vision, is “Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness”.

“Wow” describes pleasant surprises & the kind of experiences that make your heart dance, leaving you full of positive energy and a motivated spirit.

That excitement và positive energy works as a big step toward “Happiness”.

By “Sharing” that with as many people as possible, we believe that happiness will spread from one person khổng lồ another và fill the world.

The outcome of "Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness" is a smile.

We work to first put a smile on the person in front of us. Then, we work to lớn spread that smile further.

If we repeat those small steps and the smiles spread over the world, we believe that the whole world can be filled with more happiness.

Message from Founder & CEO MasukoCo-founder & Deputy CEO Takasugi

02 / Our StoryDeep-seated in a Pizza Restaurant is a Dream to Create the Place lớn Spread Smiles Around the World


“Hey, why don’t we build a pizza oven in the backyard?”

The founder’s girlfriend said lớn him one day, & in an attempt to make her wish come true,he gathered his friends at his trang chủ in Tokyo & decided to lớn build a pizza oven.This was the very beginning of Pizza 4P's.

The group of friends, whose jobs spanned across different fields,summoned every weekend, got muddy & dirty lượt thích kids,and built the pizza oven with their hands. It took them nearly 6 months lớn complete the project.

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Once the pizza oven was made, the buổi tiệc nhỏ began.

Friends invited friends, and the party revolved around the pizza oven.Everyone made their original pizzas and shared them with others,and got excited about whose pizza tasted the best.

The magic of pizza và the pizza oven instantly brought everyone closer.People connecting, và putting smiles on their faces.

Pizza came out of Italy and evolved into a variety of forms and styles,and it has become a beloved dish all over the world. It has transcended borders, age và gender,and is now be loved by so many.The founder & his friends fell in love with the simple, free, & versatile dish.

“Making hearts richer and spreading happiness around the world could begin from something as small as this.”

In 2011, fascinated with the country of Vietnam, & with fond memories of the backyard pizza oven back in Tokyo,the founder made the decision lớn create a place khổng lồ spread smiles in the world.

“Why don’t we start a pizza restaurant in Vietnam?”

He gathered his friends & embarked on the journey if realizing his dream.


Our idea of “Peace” is to lớn live happily with a positive outlook on life, while having a peace of mind và body.The name 4P’s represents our wish “For Peace” – for the world lớn be filled with this kind of Peace.

Our biệu tượng công ty is inspired by “Maru ni Takedabishi”, the family crest of Shinsaku Takasugi, the founder’s ancestor and a historic figure in Japanese history.

Before he passed, he left the following quote:

"What makes this world exciting is nothing but your own mind."

Through his message what he tried to lớn deliver is that with the right state of mind, one can live with a rich and fulfilled heart in any kind of world.

This resonates so well with our beliefs that we decided to inherit the logo và his philosophy.

Our name & logo represents our following wish – khổng lồ always provide rich experiences that make hearts dance, the kind that leaves every guest with excitement and positivity.We hope that our guests go home feeling just a little more positive & motivated.