Grandma’s Tôm Rim giết is an epic Caramelized Shrimp và Pork that’s SENSATIONAL over rice. It’s slow cooked in signature Vietnamese sauces & comes out bubbling in a sticky savory-sweet caramel. This is a terrific flavor-packed favorite where a little goes a long way!

If you love it with just seafood, try our version with shrimp!


Easy, humble comfort food lớn serve with rice

Caramelized anything is a love that runs deep in my family, and Tôm Rim giết is right up there with all the other claypot classics.

These traditional recipes are cooked in a style signature to lớn Vietnamese cuisine, which Grandma uses when she makes our favorite caramelized pork, fish and chicken dishes.

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You’ll find that they all have one thing in common – a rich amber color that deepens as the ingredients braise. Not only vì you end up with a beautifully golden pot of pork belly và prawns, but the flavor seeps right through lớn the center of every piece.

The secret? A gentle splash of Grandma’s homemade Nước màu (Vietnamese Caramel Sauce). & yes, this is another staple in our household, along with all the other aromatics & vegetables.

Unlike our other family favorites lượt thích Ga Ragu (Chicken Ragu), Xíu Mại (Meatballs in Tomato Sauce) or Steamed Lemongrass Pork where you’d smother your rice with all the toppings and sauce, this humble Tôm Rim thịt only needs be eaten a bit at a time.

Each bite is so jam-packed with sweet and savory flavors that you’ll love balancing it out with freshly sliced cucumbers và tomatoes!


Why this recipe works

The crispy shrimp shells add an incredibly satisfying crunch with every bite.Using Nước color (Vietnamese Caramel Sauce) means you’ll get a golden bronze color & toffee sweetness.Cooking with pork belly keeps the dish juicy & prevents it from easily burning.

What you’ll need


About the ingredients

We use pork belly because it has a good ratio of meat to fat for a juicier bite, but you can choose whichever cut you prefer.

For this recipe, some families like to leave the heads and legs on the shrimp. I’ve removed it off mine using scissors, which is entirely optional. You can even deshell them all if that’s what you prefer.

Grandma had her Nước màu sắc (Vietnamese Caramel Sauce) on hand, so we used that when we cooked. If you don’t have any available, just substitute it for dark soy sauce. It’s mainly used lớn deepen the color.

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How to make this recipe


Heat up a pot on high heat & pour in the oil. When hot, showroom the garlic in lớn fry for 30 seconds or until aromatic. Pour the shrimp in lớn cook for 3 minutes or until orange all over, then transfer into a bowl for later.


Add the pork belly in along with the fish sauce, salt, nước màu sắc (or dark soy sauce), sugar & chicken bouillon powder. Stir until well combined và cook for 5 minutes on high heat.


Add the cooked shrimp back in and stir well, then pour in the water khổng lồ simmer on low-medium heat for 30 minutes or until the liquid has reduced lớn a thick sauce.

Note: Families usually eat this side dish on the saltier side with less sauce.

Enjoy as is over hot rice!

Recipe FAQs

Why is my pork tough?

If you cook the meat over high heat, it will have a tougher texture. Make sure to let it simmer in the liquid over a low-medium heat so that it has enough time lớn soften.

Can I use larger prawns?

You certainly can! The same rules apply where you can choose to lớn keep the shell on or off. Just make sure to lớn cook it mostly through before adding it lớn the pork.

Can I use meat other than pork?

This dish is traditionally made using pork, but it will definitely work with chicken or tofu. Just make the recipe suit you và your family!

Tips for the best results

Let it simmer low và slow. This will help with the caramelization & give it a chance for the flavors lớn cook into the pork và shrimp.Use coconut water. By doing so, you’ll get a delicate sweetness that water và sugar alone will not give.Keep the shrimp shells on. The crunchy texture makes this dish much more enjoyable because it’s taken beyond just flavor!

What lớn serve it with

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